For PAUL, the respect for the environment and social, community and environmental, deal with day-to-day of good labour relations and professionals, encourage innovation and creativity in the management processes, are the foundation of our business and we have distinguished themselves historically in a world that is ever more demanding and competitive.

On the basis of our social performance, we are part of the Board of trustees of the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT, which is why the year-to-year, we challenge you to continue to improve, demonstrating that improvement in the Sustainability Report that the company presented annually to this entity. This daily and hard work, made us deserving recognition from several external entities, such as, for example, the United Nations for the Business Development organization (UNIDO), has selected us as one of the 10 most innovative companies of Latin america and the Caribbean.

In connection with the customer, we constantly focus on to satisfy their needs and expectations with a range of safe and effective products, establishing avenues of communication, direct and transparent.

With respect to our employees, we strive to ensure a positive working environment, with the training and tools necessary to carry out their tasks safely and effectively. We provide the means to develop professionally and to balance your personal needs and labour. We understand that the best capital that a company has are its employees, which is why we support your growth and improvement.

With our stakeholders, we acquired a social commitment and at the same time we dedicate the maximum effort to minimize the environmental impact of the development of our operational, always with the focus of obtaining the social license that will allow us to continue with our operations, to consolidate a sustainable business, thinking of the future generations.

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