Our History

Founded in 1979 by Arnaldo D. Colusi, and Omar Roman Sforza, Bedson SA is a company multinational argentina pioneer in the research, production, marketing and distribution of specialties for the industry of intensive production of animal protein. Based on the principles of innovation and flexibility, we provide efficient and reliable solutions for animal welfare, in accordance with the current trends of the market.

We offer industry veterinary and distributors around the world to our line of complex antibiotics, food additives, immunostimulants, antitérmicos and polivitamínicos energizing of high-quality, allowing you to deliver and achieve excellent results.

Our model plant of more than 5000 m2, is located in Pilar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was built according to the laws in argentina and in compliance with all the rules that govern the activity in the country and abroad.

With over 80 employees that work every day, we build a work environment that is sustainable, in which they develop policies to protect and promote the health, safety, welfare, and training of employees, from an approach overcomes the physical environment of work.

Our Vision

Develop solutions and technologies to the animal health in a sustainable way.


  • Respect and Cordiality: With our staff, customers, suppliers, distributors, shareholders.
  • Animal Welfare: Adhere to the best practices in its three dimensions;
    1) biological Functioning.
    2) The behavior.
    3) The affective states.
  • Care of the Environment: Both in the scope of the research and production, as in the use and disposal of our products.
  • Social Responsibility: In the context of the communities where Bedson SA is established.
  • Transparency and Integrity: In the development of our business and in our behaviors.
  • Team work: Integrating each participant in our value chain.
  • Quality: Subscribe to the continuous improvement process.
  • Innovation: Emphasize creativity and seek to identify new demands of the market, to the development of technologies, products and services.

Our Mission

We produce and market products and services to the animal health, helping to improve their quality of life and productivity.


Research & Development

We are a company in continuous growth, where adaptability and creativity are a few of our major pillars.

The R&D team is formed by professionals with proven expertise, working with cutting-edge technology, we were able to identify, develop and develop new products specially designed to meet the demands of industry professionals veterinary medicine for the benefit of the health, welfare and animal production, achieving the desired results.

Our laboratory works in continuous connection with the Technical Department; analyzing the effectiveness of raw materials, production processes, quality control, packaging, and shelf life of the products.

In markets of constant evolution and transformation, we accompany our customers in order to obtain the maximum benefit and cost-effectively as possible, working to achieve a final product which, always considering the safety and security for the animal protein to feed the world.

Certified Quality

We have developed a Management system (GBS SA) that includes all the Quality related issues, Good Manufacturing Practices, Social Responsibility, the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Energy Management; and commit to comply with all the requirements of the self and of others to which the company adhere to:

From the Direction of PAUL SA, we are committed to assign the physical and human resources needed to implement and ensure the effectiveness of the Management System.

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