For BEDSON, respect for the social, community and environmental, taking care of good labor and professional relations every day, fostering innovation and creativity in management processes, are the foundations of our business and historically distinguished us in an increasingly demanding and competitive world.

Based on our social performance, we are part of the Board of Directors of the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT, which is why year after year we challenge ourselves to continue improving, showing up that improvement in the Sustainability Report that the company presents annually to this entity. This arduous and daily work earned us the recognition of different external entities, such as the United Nations for Business Development (UNIDO), has selected us as one of the 10 most innovative companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Regarding to the client, we constantly focus on meeting their needs and expectations as much as possible with a range of safe and effective products, establishing direct and transparent communication channels.

Regard to our employees we strive to guarantee a favorable working environment, with the training and tools necessary to carry out their tasks safely and effectively. We provide the means for them to develop professionally and balance their personal and work needs. We understand that the best capital a company has is its employees, which is why we support their growth and improvement.

With our stakeholders, we acquire a social commitment and at the same time devote the maximum effort to minimize the environmental impact produced by the development of our operations, always with the focus of obtaining the social license that allows us to continue with our operations, consolidating a sustainable business, thinking about future generations.

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¿Alguna consulta? / Any question?